Frosty Peaks

Wartrail, Eastern Cape

Frosty Peaks in Wartrail offers the outdoor enthusiast a myriad of breathtaking adventure opportunities, with a host of hiking trails, birding & photographic excursions, campsites, cave exploration and even cave camping.
If “roughing” it isn’t for you, then why not reserve your spot at Kernow, our self-catering homestead with the most picturesque views and a warm cosy fireplace. 
Kim and Peter Frost, your hosts, invite you to visit their little piece of heaven in the heart of Wartrail in the Eastern Cape.
Vast mountainous vistas await visitors with the promise of a memorable stay each and every time.
Escape the hustle & bustle of city life and come “unplug” for a weekend or a week away.

The Camino:

A unique high-altitude walking tour that will take you from cave to beautiful cave. Each day walking is around 15 to 20km for 5 days along gravel roads and local trek paths, meandering between farms, mountains and river streams.
Each destination offers great scenery and the opportunity to continue exploring. Cool off mid-walk by swimming in the streams and picnicking under the shade of poplar trees.
Setting up camp underneath magnificent sandstone caves will keep you sheltered, dry and comfortable, while you enjoy your evening meal under the stars.  Walkers have the opportunity to spot local wildlife, such as Mountain Rhebuck, Lammergeiers, eagles, Dassies, hares and more.
Come and enjoy our home with us and leave with wonderful memories to take back to yours.

The Route:

Arrival Date: Arrive at Balloch at 4pm, set up camp and enjoy a hearty Dinner.
Balloch is a beautiful cave accessible by vehicle, its views are magnificent, and its reputation well known. The Salomon Skyrun and Wartrail Challenge is held at the cave each year, and it’s even been a successful wedding venue on more than one occasion. Come and see why we love it so much! (This is the only Cave spot that has a fully equipped ablution facility).
Day 1:
17km to Castle Rock (swim, picnic at your leisure)
Castle Rock Cave is situated on a beautiful farm that overlooks the Joggom River.It was once used for storing and pressing wool which they would then transport by wagon to nearby markets.  It has a large overhang and built up stone structure at the entrance. Perfect for keeping dry and sheltered.
Day 2:
15km to Roadside Cave (swim, picnic at your leisure)
The Roadside Cave has a mezzanine level for tents and beds and a 'downstairs' dining area. Complete with superb evening views, you can watch the sunset over the Wartrail Valley and enjoy the warmth of a campfire.  The perfect resting point for the weary traveller.
Day 3:
20km to Bidstone Campsite
The Campsite at Bidstone is the only destination that isn’t a cave, however the beauty is what attracts us to it.  Rest over in the dappled shade of the Poplar and Acacia trees whilst listening to the babbling brook running through. Spread out, relax or explore before the next day’s walk.
Day 4:
15km to Glen Lyon
Glen Lyon farm boasts a large cave dotted with the odd Bushman painting. A short uphill walk along a trek path will lead you right into the heart of the cave. The perfect cave to watch the moon rise while sitting around a warm campfire.  Completely sheltered, walkers can relax and put their feet up, or sit and enjoy drinks on “the deck” with their hosts.
Lundeans Nek overlooks the Majestic Lesotho Mountains and is a view that will stay with you. It is well worth the extra 12km (6km up and 6km down). On route to the top you will see the old transkei border post. Once at the top refresh yourself by taking a sip from a natural spring that flows directly out the mountain.
Day 5:
17km return to Balloch
The last day of walking leads us along a new route back to Balloch Cave. The winding road allows you to take one last look at the Wartrail Valley before you descend and walk along the scenic Burnbrae and Balloch road.  Grab that opportunity to swim and picnic next to the river for the last time as you near your final destination.

Departure Date:

Depart by 9am from Balloch
Guests are asked to please depart by 9am.

Booking Dates
  • January 2022
    • 9th – 15th
  • February 2022
    • 6th - 12th
  • Feb/March 2022
    • 27th - 5th
  • April 2022
    • 3rd - 9th

Glen Lyon Farm provides the ultimate outdoor venue for camping enthusiasts. From a grassy campsite flanked by towering sandstone outcrops to a completely cave-sheltered campsite with the most unique view of the Wartrail countryside.
Campsites are suitable for all ages, though some walking uphill is necessary. Trust us…the view will be appreciated.
Lyons Pride and Lyons Den are our two very distinctive campsites, both offering natural surroundings, generous space and a cosy fireplace.
Frosty Peaks eagerly await the opening of two new campsites for our valued guests. We’re extremely excited as these new additional sites promise to impress and amaze. Keep visiting our website for updates.  All our campsites offer zero Wi-Fi or cell phone reception, so say goodbye to Instagram and the office for your duration of stay.

Lyons Pride Campsite:

Lyons Pride is the ideal campsite for those seeking some quiet, space and the added bit of adventure.
The views are spectacular and the site itself is nestled between large sandstone outcrops where kids and adults alike can explore, unwind and ‘escape’ their otherwise busy lives.

  • A fully equipped ablution block with a hot shower, toilet and basin.
    An additional wash up sinks
  • Tap and hosepipe.
  • Firewood is available and sold on request
  • Important information
    • No Wi-Fi or cell phone reception at the site.
    • High Rise Vehicle access ONLY.
    • No Caravans unless they are the 4x4 kind.

Lyons Den Campsite:

Lyons Den is not your average campsite. With a rocky ceiling above you and an equally solid base beneath you, you’re sure to feel well-grounded and covered from the elements.
Guests have the option of pitching their tents within the cave or simply rest easy under the overhang. Wake up to the morning sunrise shining through into the cave and enjoy a delicious breakfast at the mouth of the cave looking out over this beautiful landscape.

  • An eco-toilet with a view.
  • Cold running water in the cave
  • Tap and hosepipe.
  • Firewood is available and sold on request
Important information
  • No wifi or cellphone reception at the site.
  • High Rise Vehicle access ONLY.
  • No Caravans unless they are the 4x4 kind.
Hike with Frosty Peaks:

Join us as we create tailor made hiking tours for you and your group of hikers.  The hiker will be suited to your strengths, fitness and general interest, whether it be the grasses, birding, bushman paintings, swimming in rivers and streams, hiking the peaks or all of the above.
Accommodation will be in a warm, picturesque home.  Fully equipped with linen, hot showers and comfortable beds. Hikers can either relax inside by the fire or outside on the veranda overlooking the dam and resident wildlife.
All dinners and breakfast will be catered for; however, hikers will have to bring their own lunches and refreshments for the duration of their stay.  Fridge and storage space will be provided for this.  The costs will vary depending on the groups tailored tour. How many days, duration of hikes etc.
But an estimate or rough guide per hiker per day is between R750- R1200.
Let us guide you, feed you and show you around our wonderful home, Wartrail.

Group bookings:

Guests must book as a complete group at a minimum of 6 Hikers per group, with a max of 16.
Duration of stay:

The minimum days groups can book is 4 and the max is 6.

The Terrain:

High Altitude hiking with the highest peak sitting around 2800m.
Guests will hike along cattle paths, up mountains, down valleys. Crossing over fences and river streams. Exploring Caves, forests, natural sandstone features and much much more.
Guests must come prepared with all their own hiking equipment, poles, shoes, hats, sunblock, water packs etc.
The Summer weather in the area can be very unpredictable, ranging from 35 degree Celsius to negative temperatures in the evenings.  Please all come prepared.  Afternoon thundershowers are prevalent.  Winter in our area is very cold and evening are known to get up to -13 degrees.  The days will be sunny and cool with maximum temperatures reaching 12 degrees (but not always).
The days are however beautiful crisp and clear making for great hiking conditions.  Water on the mountain slopes will however be limited so water packs will be essential in winter.

Rates & Details

  • R4250.00 pp
  • Dinner, tea and coffee, light breakfast and light lunch included. Please ensure you cater for your own refreshments and snacks for each day walking.  Any dietary requirements must be arranged via email with the hosts.
  • R400.00 – Per Couple per night
  • R120.00 – Each individual thereafter
  • R80.00 – U/15
Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.

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