Waterfall Bluff Hiking Trail

Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape

Off the beaten track in the Wildest Wild Coast, we are situated 20 km outside the small town of Lusikisiki in the, Transkei, Eastern Cape.  Gwexintaba village, Goso Forest.

One day excursions to the iconic Waterfall Bluff, get in, guide you and get you out.

Equipped to handle a couple or a group who do not have much time but want to see both iconic falls and have an epic day!

Come visit us in the Wildest Wild Coast, calm the mind, relax the body, and Feed the Soul some Nature.

Spend time in an Indigenous Forest, visit Majestic Waterfalls, endless views all-round, loads of oxygen, in a reality far from yours!  Transkei at it’s best!

This hike is for the adventurous with a bit of fitness.  A stunning wilderness guided trail into the lesser-known parts of the Eastern Cape, with its surrounding mountains and small villages of Gwexintaba and Mbotyi.

Get spoiled by an overdose of beautiful nature and pass-through rural villages.  Be greeted by friendly locals and experience traditional culture. At the end of each day be welcomed by your host with a warm meal, hot shower, and comfy bed.



  • Crowned Eagle House
  • Dorm Accommodation


Crowned Eagle House

Crowned Eagle House! Strategically positioned on the tip of the plateau ridge right next to a waterfall and the start of the indigenous Goso State Forest, overlooking hundreds of hills, you have pure Nature in your face!

An idyllic spot where nature lovers and adventure seekers can hear the silence! Well, you hear the waterfall from your bed, the river, and birdsong all day long! Crickets, tree frogs, and sometimes owls at night!

  • You have an equipped kitchen with a two-plate gas stove and small fridge, workspace, and double basin for washing up.
  • Comfortable double bed and a bunk bed downstairs, and up the log stairs is the loft with two mattresses and a large view through the window overlooking the valley below!
  • Solar lights, skylight, and millions of stars!
  • Ensuite compost toilet and a Hot spacious outdoor shower. You can leave the door open for more nature to come in!
  • Ugly tyre chairs on the stoep but ooh so comfy! You may find it hard to leave the veranda with these comfortable chairs and World Class View!
  • A couple of steps away is the braai area which is surrounded by trees and beautiful boulders which are covered in lichen in this rainforest environment next to the waterfall.

We trust that you will enjoy this off-the-beaten-track little house with your partner, friends, or family!


Dorm Accommodation

Rustic and basic off grid style accommodation.

  • We have a 6 bed rondawel dorm.
  • Self-catering kitchen with Rocket Stove in the middle to keep us all warm and seats all around.
  • Two plate gas stove, bar fridge, and preparation table.
  • Braai area comfortably nearby just outside the door with plenty of firewood. (Bring your own charcoal if you want to braai, our wood doesn’t make nice braai coals.)
  • Camping is available at various spots in the garden for the people who love their privacy and want to be closer to nature.
  • Rocket shower and gas showers for short hot showers.
  • Composting toilet with forest view.

Arrive at “Louis at Magwa Falls” in the small village of Gwexintaba, settle in and enjoy the breath-taking view, endless green rolling hills with the ocean in the distance.  Explore the nearby viewpoints and forest, just a stone throw away.  Enjoy the sunset and listen to the night sounds coming alive.  Start the evening off at the campfire and count shooting stars in the dark.  Experience the silence of deep dark Africa.  Sunrise is not to be missed. Get up early if you can!



Louis offers a range of tours and hikes perfect for people staying with Louis at Magwa Falls.

Our signature tour, the Waterfall Bluff Tour, is also available as a day tour for anyone visiting Port St Johns.

You will drive through the Magwa Tea Estate, park at the workshop, and head off into the most beautiful nature in search of waterfalls.

After the Waterfall Bluff we quickly visit Magwa Falls and Angel Falls because we all Love Waterfalls.

Magwa Falls Tour (4km 4 x 4 drive)

Magwa Falls is a short 2km hike away from our house with hidden viewpoints all along the magnificent gorge.

Magwa Falls and Mzizangwa Falls. (13km 4×4 Drive or hike)

A short drive on our open safari Land Cruiser, next to the plateau ridge and gorge gets you to the mighty Magwa Falls. An astonishing 144m drop at the beginning of this massive crack will leave you in awe!
An easy hike around the falls visiting all the various viewpoints, taking picture perfect photos.
Then we drive thru Goso Forest to visit both falls in Mzizangwa. Taking a shower under both is simply a must!
On the way back we use an alternative forest road for maximum views of Gwexintaba village from the highest view point.  Back home we go.

Waterfall Bluff Hike (9km easy hike)

Rise and shine early to have breakfast and be ready by 06h00 to leave on a 2 hour scenic 4×4 drive to the starting point at Lupathana on an open safari Land Cruiser.
The drive is a cultural experience of friendly faces, the dense Goso Forest, colourful huts, the Magwa Tea Estate, Angel Falls and wide open spaces.
Lupathana is famous for this powerful display of waves crashing against the rocks, sometimes up to 30m high in the air. A spectacular performance indeed.

An easy 4.5 km, relatively flat hike next to rocky shoreline, with rest places here and there takes you to Waterfall Bluff. It’s about an hour’s hike.

Here we have an hour to chill, admire Waterfall Bluff and eat lunch, kick off the shoes, take many photos and just be.
The noisy silence can be felt!
On the way back we visit the ‘Tea Room’, a sea cave hidden under the footpath to the falls!

Back at the Cruiser we 4×4 out on the very bad road!
Even worse when it is wet! And we do get often rain here… so hold on tight!

The trip is a cultural experience of friendly faces, colourful huts, wide open spaces, Angel Falls, the Magwa Tea Estate, and the dense Goso Forest.
Back at “Louis at Magwa Falls” take a warm shower and a crackling fire awaits you.

Down Mdeni and around Magwa Falls (Hike)

A guided hike down the plateau ridge and into the old Mdeni village. More forest paths and river crossings and a monkey maybe. Then to a spot where you stare 2km into the Magwa gorge and see the massive drop of the Waterfall. This is the one place where you realize the height of the falls fully.
Then start to walk back, along foot paths, through forests, and then up the ridge with a winding zig zag path. Another cascading waterfall awaits you just around the corner. At the top we catch our breath and admire the view from the top where we just walked.
Then more Magwa Falls views and sheer cliffs all the way to the falls. Spectacular!
Walk around Magwa Falls then back home.

Driving here

The road to Gwexintaba from Lusikisiki is an adventure on its own.  We send you a WhatsApp pin so that you can use Google Maps on your phone to find us easily.  Get spoiled by an overdose of beautiful nature and pass through rural villages.  Along the dirt roads, the hills are dotted with colourful MPondo huts, local people, cattle, chickens, dogs, and kids playing.  
Friendly faces with big smiles waving, shouting “Molo Mlungu”, which means “Hi White Man”.
Slow drive through spectacular Goso Forest admiring nature.  A bakkie or car with high ground clearance is needed.

Pickup in Lusikisiki

We can pick you up if your car is not suitable for our roads. A bakkie or car with high ground clearance is needed. Pickup in Lusikisiki can be arranged, with parking at a fancy Bed and Breakfast.


Dorm Accommodation

  • R250.00 pp.pn

Crowned Eagle House

  • R350.00 pp.pn


Pickup in Lusikisiki

  • R200.00 pick up

  • R200.00 drop off

  • R50.00 per night – Parking cost per night


Tours and Hikes

  • Free - Magwa Falls Tour (4km 4 x 4 drive)

  • R200.00 pp - Magwa Falls & Mzizangwa Falls 9km

  • R200.00 pp – Down Mdeni and around Magwa Falls Hike


Waterfall Bluff Hike, 9km

  • R1000.00 pp – 2 people

  • R850.00. pp – 3 people

  • R750.00 pp – 4 people

  • R700.00 pp – 5 people

  • R600.00 pp – 6 – 10 people 

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.

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