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Trash on the Trail

We have seen way to many posts on hiking groups and pages to ignore this. It is so sad to see that some of our
fellow hikers are even more lazier than we thought as some of them just can’t seem to keep their trash in their
backpacks, we like to refer to you as trail(er) trash, please be offended we were aiming for it.

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Now Taking Bookings For
New Listings

Aasvoëlbad Hiking Trails – Bokfontein, Brits, North West

Imla Guest Farm and Hiking Trail – Clocolan, Free State

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Alikreukel Trail

Trail offers you guided slackpacking of three day’s hiking along the coast and half a day of easy kayaking on
the Goukou River at Stilbaai. This stretch of coast is one of the least developed in South Africa, with great
variety and scenic beauty. Be part of the following experiences along this trail.

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Zip X Trails

Zip X hiking trails are situated 40 km out of Middelbyrg Mpumalanga on the N11 road to Groblersdal. The
routes in this area is nestled in the mountains overlooking Loskop Dam, and being on the escarpment, varies
from 1450 meters above sea level to 950 meters.
There is unique tree species in the area, specifically cycads, and an abundance of birds and other wildlife
may be spotted. Strange geological formations can be found, and there is even an incredibly old abandoned
mine where crystals can be picked up.

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Tips For Beginners
How To Clean Your Hydration Bladder / Camel Pack

You might be thinking, “how does something we fill with clean water ever need cleaning?” But bacteria and
mold are resourceful little buggers, and will inevitably find their way into your CamelBak, Platypus or other
brand of hydration reservoir. Your best defense is to clean your system regularly. It’s not hard to do, but the
shapes are awkward and it helps if you have the right supplies and know a few tips.

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Trail Chef
Brown Rice Cereal

Brown rice cereal is a great option for those who are already fed up with oatmeal.  Thick and creamy, this porridge is not only delicious, but also contains lots of nutrients essential for hiker’s diet.

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Backpacking Fitness
Up Your Hiking Endurance With These 3 Exercises

Trail Squat Lunges
Uphill Lunges
Side Shuffle to Backwards Walk

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Stick With A View

Shanin has taken it upon himself to assist the farm workers on the farm, during lock down, where he works and
help out nature at the same time by tackling the Black Wattle trees and turning them into hiking poles / sticks,
what a great initiative.

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