Clarens, Free State

Legend has it that a cannibal was active in this area and kept his captives in one of the many caves, where he fed them for later consumption.


The Cannibal Hiking Trail is situated 5 km from Clarens on the road to Fouriesburg.   It is 280 km from both Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, tarred road all the way.  We only have MTN signal on the farm.

Route Description:

It is a 2 day hiking trail.  The 1st day is 9 km and the 2nd day is 7,5 km.  A walk to the Mushroom Rock adds an optional extension of 2,5 km on the 2nd day.

The route takes you through differing landscapes, from stunning mountain views, to river walks, forest ambles to boulder hopping in and along gorges.  This beautiful farm is situated in the Rooi and Witte Berg Mountains of the Eastern Free State.  This is a hikers’ hike, well marked and provides all the amenities that a hiker demands, with numerous picnic spots, a swimming hole, interesting scenery and a level of hiking that fits the serious hikers but not too strenuous for the beginner hiker.  On the 1st day the trail passes 5 overhang caves with rock ‘kraals’ where there are still remains of bushman paintings in some of them.  One passes the Batwing Falls on the way.

The 2nd day offers breathtaking views of the Malutis, as well as Mt. Horeb, Woodhouse, Generaalskop, Visierskerf and George’s Pimple.  Then you will descend and walk through a valley along a mountain stream. The trail to the famous Mushroom Rock is a separate 1½ hour hike and can be done on the way back from the Cannibal Trail.


The 1st night can be spent in one of two dormitories.

The Cottage:

Has 8 bunk beds and can sleep 16.
It has 4 toilets and 4 showers.

At the 1st overnight facility we provide a bed and mattress, braai grid, wood, cold and hot water, showers, electricity, an urn, a 2 plate stove, a fridge and 2 large iron pots. 

The Melkstal:

Can sleep up to 30/32 in bunk beds. It has 4 toilets and 4 showers.


The 2nd night is spent in a large cave that can accommodate up to 40 hikers. There are 2 cold water showers and 2 flush toilets. We have had over 90 children sleeping over.

At the cave we provide a mattress, cold running water, a braai grid, kettle and fire-wood.

Please supply own:

All food, eating and braai utensils, toilet paper, toiletries, sleeping bags, water bottles, sunblock and anything else a hiker may deem necessary.  Bedding and towels.


Very Important:


  • The rate is R30.00 per item to the cave and R30.00 per item from the cave = R60.00
  • This is not included in the rate.
  • No items must be to heavy for one person to load.
  • All items to be ready for collection at 08:00
  • All items will be dropped off at the gate below the ablution building.
  • These items will be picked up from this point the following day.   No items will be carried into or fetched from the cave.
  • There will be a charge of R30 for every item, whether it is a pillow or carry pack of beer.  Try therefore to fit loose items into back packs or cooler boxes.
  • Items must not be too heavy for one person to load.
  • Needs to be arranged in advance.
  • Please pay transport of goods in cash to driver.  Make sure the cash is the correct amount as the driver does not have cash with him.


  • R540.00 pp for 2 day hike and 1 night in hiker’s facility and 1 night in cave.
  • R360.00 – Children U/8.
  • R360.00 pp – One night in cave 
  • Children U/4 free.
  • Day hikers R120.00 pp.pd.
  • Admin fee R55.00 once off per reservation.

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