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Hi Hi Hiking

Hiking ‘Tis Season

The festive season is upon us and 2020 is almost at an end.  It is a year which many of us never want to remember, lives and jobs were lost but nature restored.  The hiking industry exploded and the trails were flooded with new and old hikers.  
We here at Fagala Voet want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Please drive safe to your holiday destinations and be safe on the trails.
Happy Hiking and see you on the trails

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Closing Times
Fagala Voet is Closing For the Holidays

Please take note of our office being closed over the festive season.

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Fagala Voet and Passion 4 Wholeness

Fagala Voet will be hiking the Giant’s Cup hiking trail in March 2021 and we needed some professional help with the eating habits on, off and during the hiking trail. We have been getting many e-mails asking us: “what should one
eat and pack on a multiday hike?” So we decided to seek some advise and share some eating plans, products, tips and tricks.

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Now Taking Bookings for…

The Amatola

The Amatola Trail is widely regarded as the toughest and best hiking trail in South Africa. A six day 
and five-night hike starting at Maden Dam near King Williams Town, traversing the incredible
Amatola Mountains, and ending in the iconic village of Hogsback.

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The Future Of Backpacks Are Upon Us

Sunup Solar Backpack

The design combines rigid polycrystalline panels with an articulating conductive hinge system to create a fully
flexible array of higher efficiency panels that would move and flex when impacted or dropped. The energy dissipated
helps reduce any damage caused.

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Tips For Beginners
Up Your Hiking Endurance With These 3 Exercises

Trail Squat Lunges – Stabilize your glutes with this butt-busting routine that will help you crush steeps.
Uphill Lunges – Strengthen your hips and glutes while focusing on joint alignment to avoid stress injuries to your knees.
Side Shuffle to Backwards Walk – This multidirectional circuit workout improves balance and agility. Exercise with a buddy and alternate who walks backwards to avoid bumping into things. You can do this exercise on flat terrain or
a moderate (5 to 10 percent) incline.

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Trail Chef
Yummy Curry Chicken “Ameusli” Balls

This delicious meatballs can be made with one of Passion 4 Wholeness products.

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