Here are the different types of hikes you get…

Day Hike 
Single day walk, normally close to home or done at a holiday destination. A day pack, water, good pair of walking shoes or better still boots 

Base Camp Trail 
This option is where you travel to an overnight destination and do day walks from there with a day pack. You normally need a sleeping bag and food plus what you need for a day hike. 

Backpack Trail 
This is more advanced than the above as you carry everything you need from the base camp to another camp, returning to your basecamp only when you have completed the trail. You need a backpack large enough to contain all your food, hiking stove, sleeping bag, toiletries and maybe tent. 

Slackpack Trail 
This is an option where the owner of the trail transports your stuff for you. Sometimes in upmarket routes, the owner provides the food and a better type of accommodation.