January Newsletter 2021

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Happy New Year

New Year, New Goals, New Trails

I don’t know about you but I stayed up until 00:00 on 31 Dec 2020 to make sure 2020 leaves us.  A lot has happened in 2020 or should I say 2020 happened.
Let’s put 2020 behind us and refocus on a new year and new goals.
Don’t make new year resolutions, they are just a to do list for the first week in Jan.
We have listed two more hiking trails on our list of trails and we talk about prepping your feet for a hike.

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We Are Now Taking Bookings For
Wathaba Hiking Trail

Wathaba is a wilderness area in the Skurweberg Mountains on the road between Machadodorp and
Badplaas. The beautiful scenery, many waterfalls and the indigenous kloof vegetation are topped only by
the breathtaking views down the valley to the Komati River far below.

We Are Now Taking Bookings For
Bloutrein Hiking Trail

Two very good neighbourly friends, Christia (Wathaba) and Pieta (Mount Komati) started a brand new, water rich hiking trail between Bloubos Retreat on Wathaba and Pongola Express Railway Coach on Escarp Adventures. This trial gives a new dimension to this spectacular piece of earth which every hiker, who even knows the area well, will appreciate and enjoy anew.

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How to prep your feet for a hiking trail

When planning a hike, your feet is sometimes the last thing we think to prep, although it is the most important asset to look after, you’ll think twice planning your next hike. Prepping your feet will be on the to do list.  If you do not prep and strengthen your feet correctly before a hike and look after it during a hike, you’ll only go as far as your feet can take you..

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Nutrition Supplements
Hannele Steyn shares her thoughts

In nutrition, food always comes first.  The golden rule therefore is to use supplements to complement food, not, as your food. It is also designed to be used during training and racing.

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Tips For Beginners
3 Perfect exercises to keep you pain free and pack-ready

Rotating Lunges – This exercise works quads and glutes, and strengthens the muscles that support the spine when carrying a heavy load.
Single Leg Rotation with Egyptian Hold – Increase your core strength by challenging your overall stability.
Loaded Shoulder Roll – As the km’s pass, we tend to let our shoulders droop forward. This exercise builds strength to keep your shoulder blades properly positioned.

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Trail Chef
Upside down cake
Sugar Free, Gluten Free

This delicious cake can be made with one of Passion 4 Wholeness products, and eaten without any guilt feelings.

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