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This little hidden gem is a must on your hiking list.  Kranskloof hiking trail is a stunning trail that combines gorges, streams and the Highveld plateaus that offer beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscape.  The gushing waterfalls, fast-flowing mountain streams, indigenous trees, shrubs, veld flowers and the opportunity to spot several antelope species, bush pigs, members of the cat family and abundant bird life will all add to pleasurable hiking in this area.  Richard the very friendly caretaker of the camp and the trail welcomes you at the gate of the Reserve of Komati Gorge Lodge.  He cleans the camp and maintains the trail himself, so if you do visit Kranskloof, consider, contributing to his Christmas bonus.


The Kranskloof basecamp is hidden beautifully away in indigenous bush and is built from the local rock.  Nearby is a perennial little waterfall a mere 70m away from camp, where the water cascades to offer an exhilarating shower all year round.  The calming sounds of the waterfall is soothing to the soul.  Kranskloof is pet friendly but not Komati Gorge Lodge, so please be considerate in this matter.

Overnight Facilities:
  • 3 rock huts with 4 bunk beds and mattress.
  • Total number of hikers is 24.
  • Small lapa
Ablution facilities:
  • Donkey boiler for hot water.
  • 2 x showers;
  • 2 x Flushing toilets; and
  • 2 x Basins.
 Undercover kitchen:
  • 2-plate gas cooker
  • Pots, pans and 3 legged potjies,
  • Braai facilities and wood.
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The Trail:

Kranskloof trail is a tough, very well marked and clean 7 km trail that rewards you with magnificent views of mountains, waterfalls, rock pools, kloofs, wild life and exquisite bird life.  The start of the trail is from the Kranskloof base camp and gradually hikes along a 4 x 4 road over a small stream and grasslands before you get the sign that says Kranskloof trail.

Prepare yourself for a good climb as for 2 km you will gradually climb your way up to 1661m, views reward you with the most magnificent view.  The juice is worth the squeeze.  The trail then winds its way up and down on top of the Krantze with constant views of the ravines below.

The trail then turns sharply to the left and down into the gorge you go.  The next several km of the trail is the most beautiful as you hike along a river, with so many rock pools and picnic sites to choose from.  You could spend the whole day there.

The trail eventually veers away from the river and from there you don’t have long before the trail is finished.  The last km is a tough km as you hike a 1400m back up to the top a of Krantz where you will hike the last part of the trail and back to base camp.

Other trails:

Apart from the Kranskloof trails, a new trail the Komati River Trail has been re-opened and changed a bit, the trail starts on the dam wall and heads up the valley. There is water on this trail, but the last 2 kilometres are dry. Look out for the fish eagles on this trail. They have a nest in the big gum trees. The trail eventually winds along the banks of the Komati River. Look out for the otters. There is a lovely pool for swimming just where the trail leaves the Komati River and starts to go uphill. You will see a lot of game on this trail.


The Kranskloof trail is an extremely beautiful trail but not suitable for unfit hiker’s or children U/10.

The trail is extremely well marked, and you don’t need a map.


Day trails from Kranskloof:

  • Kranskloof Trail – 7 km
  • Komati River Trail – 4 km
Pertinent Information:
  • Supply own lights, there is lanterns and candles in the huts
  • Tick repellent;
  • During heavy rains, water is released from the Nooitgedacht Dam, flooding the bridges for about an hour. 4×4 vehicles are recommended for access to Kranskloof base camp or sedan vehicles with high axles.
  • The dirt road is derivable with a car with a high axle up until Richard’s house where you may park your car and Richard will take you down to base camp.
Location of Trail:
  • 30 km from Carolina;
  • 250 km from Gauteng.
  • R180.00 per person per day overnight;
  • R55.00 admin fee once off per reservation;
  • 20% discount for scholars.
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