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Vol 1. Issue 4. Oct 2019

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Load shedding is back

We apologise if we don’t answer as quick as usual.

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Trail Chef
Apricot PISTACHIO salami

Delicious Recipes to fill you up and keep you going.

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trail trash

We’ve seen too many photos being posted on Facebook pages about trash on the trail as well as looking into your organic litter.

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New trail and establishment

Misty Mountain Reserve situated in a Marine Reserve along the famous Garden Route. Nestled above the rugged
Tsitsikamma coastline, 230m above sea level, bordering the Tsitsikamma National Park. With breath-taking views
of the Indian Ocean, Tsitsikamma Mountains and indigenous forest. Comfortable accommodation, excellent
customer service, good value and wonderful experiences in nature.Whether a family holiday, adventure escape,
romantic breakaway or simply to rejuvenate in nature, we offer the perfect accommodation to suit your needs.

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Looking at some trail in Eastern cape

Backpack Trails
“Antjie se Voetpad Hike”, OYSTER BAY
Alexandria Hiking Trail, ADDO ELEPHANT PARK
Strandloper Trail, KEI MOUTH

Long Distance Trails
Castaway Hike, PORT ALFRED
Strandloper Trail, KEI MOUTH

Page 8:
“Antjie se voetpad” hike

Antjie se Voetpad is a 3-day / 2-night hike. It is a moderately difficult hike, with the day layout as follows: Day 1 =
12.5km, Day 2 = 12km, Day 3 = 10km. The route is suited for people with moderate hiking fitness. The trail is
laid out in a figure 8.

Page 9:
Alexandria hiking trail

Hiking the two-day Alexandria Hiking Trail in Addo Elephant National Park is an unforgettable experience that
leads the hiker through three distinctly different environments ranging from forest to coastal dunes, to seashore.
No other trail in the country can boast this diversity, as you clamber up the desert-like dunes and stand aloft cliffs
crumbling into the sea, trek through high forest, and along spectacular beaches…

Page 10:
Strandloper hiking trail

Each section of the trail has been designed to reveal special aspects of our coastline so that you may capture a
complete Strandloper experience. The Strandloper Trail has been described as “the trail where you can savoir
the feeling of solitude on an unspoilt beach and down a bar, lunch in a cosy pub barely an hour later”. The trail is
almost 59 km in total and takes 4 days to complete. It is clearly marked with little painted white on green boot
prints and be be walked through the year. The best weather is between January and May which have warm
windless days.

Page 11:
Castaway hiking trail

The splendour of the “unknown” eastern cape and Woody cape forest, Numerous shipwrecks, Diaz Cross, Famous Shelly bay, Kasouga, Kariega, Boesmans and Boknes estuaries, Safe Close to Game reserves (Addo , Sibuya and Kariega Park), Unspoilt coastline with minimal pollution. Prolific Birdlife and indigenous game.

Page 12:
Hiking Tips and tricks

We share some hiking hacks to make your hiking trip a little easier.