Woodville Big Tree


2 km




A free self-issue permit is available at the parking area.



GPS Coordinates:

33° 56′ 7″ South, 22° 38′ 44″ East


Take the Hoekwil turnoff from the main N2 road and travel 12 kms to the Woodville Big Tree turn off.
The parking area is situated adjacent to a picnic area with ablution facilities.
The pathway to the big tree is very well marked from the parking area.It is approximately an 80m walk to the big tree.There is seating areas around the Big Tree and even a wooden stump to carve your name.

The forest walk is tranquil and very well marked. It is a circular route that takes about one and half hours to complete. Some of the forest trees are labelled along the pathway. The main attraction is the Big Tree.

To end the short hike off you can either have a picnic or braai in the facilities provided or you can take a drive to the Hoekwil Country Café and treat yourself to the their well known cheese cake and coffee.

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