Groblersdal, Mpumalanga

The Wolfaardt Hiking Trail is situated on the farm of Mmatoti Wilderness Lodge.  Mmatoti wilderness lodge is a bushveld hideaway, situated less than one hour’s drive from Middelburg and less than 30min drive from Groblersdal towards Loskop Dam. This beautiful African Wildlife sanctuary runs on the boarder of Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

Overnight hiking trail is about +\- 15 KM and rated moderate with some squeezing and climbing.

The Trail:

Day One:

Day one takes off at the entry gate of the lodge, walking only for a few minutes you will quickly forget that you are anywhere near civilization. Following the trail and some parts dirt road will give you an early experience and feel of the trail, off the dirt road you will soon find yourself back on the trail exploring through a short forest and over the wall. Part 2 of day one takes you over a hill and through long bushveld grass which allows you to get a good look at the wall (cliffs) you walked over earlier. Now walking through the true African bushveld the trail leads you to the foot of the biggest hill on the grounds, The Twins, and here is where the climbing starts. Going up The Twins is a very tricky part of the hike leading you up the mountain on your way to the overnight camp.

Overnight Camp:

The overnight camp is a piece of land where the wildlife on the farm use to spend their nights out rolling around and kicking in for the night. A perfect spot to get set-up for the night. With camp set-up, you will have some daylight left to just wander and explore nature and the most awesome views from the highest parts in the Loskop dam area.

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Day Two:

Kicking off day two from the overnight camp after a beautiful sunrise and a good breakfast will take you across the mountain to the other side of the farm. A rocky trail awaits you when heading down to the wildlife watering holes. Past the rocky part and down the mountain the trail takes you through a thorny forest that leads you to the first watering hole as a dirt road will lead you to the second and last one. After the second watering hole you will soon be back on the trail for a quick climb up to the top of Bobbejaans kloof this will be the last climb of the trail and the last amazing view for you to enjoy. Climbing down Bobbejaans kloof and making your way back to the lodge you will pass High Garden where you can enjoy a quick lunch before hiking the last few 100 meters back to the lodge.

The Wolfaardt trail is one of a kind taking you through so many different parts of nature, a trail that will give you an all-out African experience. There is little to no water on this trail so it will be a good idea to pack just little extra water for cooking and so on. The Wolfaardt trail is a wilderness trail with a big variety of animals that can be spotted while hiking and exploring.


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