Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape

The Waterfall Bluff Hiking Trail is situated just outside the small town of Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape.

For the fit, adventurous and not faint hearted …. a stunning wilderness guided trail into the lesser known parts of the Eastern Cape, it’s surrounding mountains and the small village of Mboyti.

Get spoiled by an overdose of beautiful nature, pass through rural villages and be greeted by friendly local communities and experience traditional culture. At the end of each day be welcomed by your host with a warm meal, hot shower and comfy bed.

The road to Mboyti from Lusikisiki is an adventure on its own.  Mostly well-maintained dirt roads, but a high clearance car is needed.  The road through Ntsubane Forest is cement and the roads through the Magwa Tea Estate is dirt roads but do watch out for those bumps. 

Along the dirt roads the hills are dotted with colourful MPondo huts, local people, cattle, chickens, dogs and kids playing.  Friendly faces with big smiles waving shouting “Molo Mlungu”, which means “Hi White Man”. 



You will be greeted by Louis Fourie, the owner of Waterbluff hiking trail in Lusikisiki and be escorted through the beautiful Goso Forest which you will be hiking part of it, your will arrive in Magwa Village, where your accommodation for the entire hike will be, settle in and enjoy the breath-taking view from Louis view points.

Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock in the distance, something to look forward to and having your end destination in line of sight.  Explore the beaches and rock pools, just a stone throw away from Pumla’s Place and start the evening off in the Lapa with a sundowner, fire crackling in the background and a delicious meal prepared by Pumla, if you are choosing the catered option.  If you are choosing the self-catering option, there is a well-equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer, ample cutlery and crockery, pots and pans, microwave, kettle etc.  Please note it is a shared kitchen.

Day 1:

Mboyti to Waterfall Bluff
14 km

Rise and shine early the next morning to have breakfast and be ready by 07:00 as Lenox your guide will be waiting for you.  The hike kicks off with a beautiful beach hike, with cows lounging on the beach and already you are rewarded with a picture-perfect nature scene.  After the beach hike, a continuous ascending and descending of hills carpeted with lush green grass rolls out before you.  Your first stop will be a Mfithelo Falls.  Next up is the unbelievable Cathedral Rock, a hole in the rock, formed naturally by waves, wind, sun and rain, one can only wonder, how long it took.

Waterfall Bluff is your next stop but first a cool off in the Bluff pools, a scene out of Planet Earth with crystal clear, ice-cold water to freshen up tired feet or take a dip.  A nice swim to the other side, to admire the small waterfalls.

Your last hill awaits you and from there, you will veer to the right and… as you come around the corner, there it is in all its natural glory Waterfall Bluff, bigger than you expect.  Waterfall Bluff, the iconic waterfall that drops down into the Indian Ocean.  This is something you must see.

With all the highlights done, the last stretch lies ahead of you.  It’s a nice easy flat walk to Lupathana, your end destination.

Just as you think that the beauty has ended, you start seeing massive waves crashing against the rocks, a spectacular performance.  Lupathana is famous for this powerful display of wave crashing, sometimes 30m up in the air. 

Arriving at Lupathana:

When you arrive at Lupathana, Louis (Founder of Waterfall Bluff Hiking Trail) will be waiting there for a 2-hour sightseeing trip on the back of a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser back to Mboyti.  The trip from Lupathana to Mboyti is a cultural experience of friendly faces, colourful huts, more waterfalls (Angel Falls), the Magwa Tea Estate and the dense Ntsubane forest. 

Back at Pumla’s Place, a friendly Pumla, warm shower, cold beer and a crackling fire in the lapa awaits you.  Crashing waves in the background and reminiscing about the days hike is a rewarding memory shared over another cold one. 

The next morning enjoy breakfast, have one last stroll on the beach and say your goodbyes to Mother Nature and thank her for sharing her beauty…!!!


6 Bunk Bed Dorm:
  • R250.00
  • R250.00
Room For 2:
  • Room with double bed
  • R500.00 per night
Extra Rates:
  • R250.00 pp.pd – Dinner, breakfast and lunch
  • R250.00 pp/pd – Meditation Workshop (3 guided meditation per day, recorded or live, 3 – 4 days)
4×4 Drive:
  • R250.00 pp – Magwafalls, Mzizangwa Falls and Goso Forest
Day Hike:
  • R200.00 pp – 3 different circular route day hikes.
Waterfall Bluff Hike:
  • R900.00 pp – 2 hikers
  • R650.00 pp – 3 hikers
  • Max 8
  • 2 hour scenic 4×4 drive to start point
  • 16km guided hike, 4 – 8 hours
  • 1 hour 4×4 scenic drive back
Permaculture Workshop:
  • R450 pp per day.
  • Permaculture workshop.
  • Food garden workshop
  • 2 – 4 days
Pertinent Information:
  • Hotel accommodation available as well, please enquire.
  • Mostly dirt roads, partial tarred
  • 4 x 4 preferably or high clearance car
  • Smile and wave, everyone is friendly
  • Please note the speed bumps on the roads, they are inconspicuous.
  • R55.00 once off admin fee per reservation.


Waterfall Bluff Hiking Trail