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Trail Development Course
Fagala Voet togehter with Kingdom Trails is hosting a trail development course hosted by master trail developer Gerhardt van Greunen.

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New Listing
Outeniqua Hiking Trail
Set in the heart of the famous Garden Route, this magnificent trail leads through indigenous forests and montane fynbos, majestic mountain scenery, views of the coastal plateau, relics of the gold rush near Millwood, bird and animal life of the forest and fynbos, mountain streams and pools.
The forest and the wet fynbos depend on high rainfall, so be prepared for rain and mist.
The Outeniqua Hiking Trail is a 5 day trail with 5 overnight huts. Hikers do not have to hike the full 5 days; 2 or 3 days are allowed.

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Trail Review
Fagala Voet took on the Waterkloof 3 night trail

Fagala Voet arrived on Thursday afternoon, the 27th of Jan at the beautiful, green and lush Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve, to take on the Waterkloof 3 night trail.

Trail Recipes

Camp Bread
Here is an amazing bread recipe that you can use in your pot on the trail

Trail Hack

There is no need for you to leave all your spices at home, this great little hack will have smell like a curry shop in Durban.
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Motivation for the trail
Some motivational qoutes for you to carry with you.

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Hungry Hiker
With 6 delicious flavours to choose from, your hiking meals will never be the same, dit proe soos jou ma se kos. We are running a special again the end of January 2022.

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