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Hungry Hiker
Sleeping Bag Care Tips


New Listing
Wild Cherry Adventures
Namibian Caminos
Wild Cherry Adventures is owned and run by Chad Wratten. Chad got into tourism in his early twenties and almost immediately fell in love with the way of life. The Kruger national park was his office and life was good.  Over the next 10 years, he worked all over Southern and East Africa. However, he particularly  enjoyed his safaris in Namibia. He earned his National Tourism Guide Qualification with SATOUR and FEGASA.

The Brandberg Camino
This is an 8-day Camino. Total distance is 120km.

The Damaraland Camino. This trail is approximately 60km long.

The Kunene Coast Camino, 9 days of walking and back on the 30th of May 2022.

The Skeleton Coast Camino, it is approximately 76 km long
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New Listing
De Wildt Adventure Trails
Brown Hyena Backpack Trail
This is our toughest trail with an elevation of more than 1100m. This trail can be done as a 2-day backpack trail. Starting from de Wildt Adventures and ending at De Wildt Cheetah lodge or the other way round. This trail takes you to the very end of the mountain at Zilkaatsnek. This is a combination of the Euphorbia and Die Wilde hand trail at the Cheetah lodge.
Hungry Hiker
Use the FAGALAVOET code with check out and receive a discount on meals only. Code does not apply to tester samples.  Please order 4 weeks in advance of hike.
Trail Recipe
Ratatouille & Rice Soup 
Sleeping Bag Care Tips
If you buy a quality sleeping bag and care for it properly, there’s no reason it won’t last for years and years of regular use.
Motivation for the trail
Some motivational qoutes for you to carry with you.
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